Bleached Cotton

We have a state of the art fiber processing plant to meet the ever increasing demand of the Absorbent Cotton industry worldwide. The processing capacity of the plant is ample for Bleached Cotton processing.

Raw cotton of every type based on customer preference, such as Combed, Striped, Recycled, Fair Trade and Organic Cotton, is bleached on fully automated autoclaves. We ensure that our process is done using safe and approved chlorine free formulae without Optical Brightening Agent. Only hydrogen peroxide is used in the bleaching process. Bales weighing approximately 160 kg are packaged in polypropylene sacks for use in all markets pertaining to cosmetics, medical products, nonwoven and valuable paper goods.  We produce our products in strict compliance with the Pharmacopeia standard of the countries around the world i.e. E.P, U.S.P, B.P, J.P, etc. Each & Every consignment is validated by Standards Compliances Reports after product testing in fully functional, Internationally certified laboratory. Each and every batch is lot controlled for full traceability.

Bale Dimensions: 700x700x1200 mm
40′ HC Container: 100 Bales
20′ Container: 48 Bales



  • High Quality Cotton/ Cotton comber recycled from textile mills producing 100% cotton yarns
  • Exceptional whiteness & cleanliness
  • Reduced linting due to short fiber removal
  • Exceptional level of purity
  • High Wet Strength
  • Low Bioburden
  • High Absorbent Rate & Retention

Suitable for the manufacture of all basic cotton products.

Absorbent Cotton Rolls IP/BP

Absorbent Cotton Wool is widely consumed for Medical & Hygiene applications. Out fully automatic & modern process ensures superior quality products in terms of whiteness & absorbency standards.

We have in house laboratory to test every batch at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure timely detection of any inconsistency in quality. We can also provide reports from government approved laboratories or nominated laboratories as maybe demanded from our customers.

Special Features

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Consistent layer
  • Minimum linting & neps
  • Free of foreign particle

Weight & Packaging:-

15 gms to 500 gms. High quality standard packaging. Export standard carton or non woven water proof bag as per requirement.

Absorbent ZigZag Cotton

Our Absorbent Cotton Wool Zig Zag is suitable as a dressing material for wounds and incisions. This cotton is neatly folded in zig-zag fashion for easy use. Available in packages of 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 grams. Moreover, our clients can avail these products from us at pocket friendly prices.


  1. 100% cotton
  2. Highly soft, good absorbency
  3. Zig Zag shape, precut or uncut
  4. Used to absorbing blood and other liquid
  5. Confirm to BP standard
  6. OEM service offers
  7. High quality, competitive prices and best service